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This site is a work in progress and not everything is up yet. Please come back and check from time to time - I'm sure you'll see the changes!


This page contains links to some of the most informative pages on the web. If you haven't found it here, you might find it there...

Episode Guides

The SIM Archive. Here you'll find detailed episode guides for many (not all) of the season one episodes.

The Jarod's Twin Archive. Here you can find detailed episode guides for all of the season two episodes.

Marg's site has complete scripts for some of the episodes from various seasons of the show.

General Pretender-Related Web Sites

Sue's Pretender Scrapbook has lots of bits and pieces in it, as well as information regarding Australian screenings of The Pretender. I borrowed a couple of pics from here too. Thanks!

TJ's Very Own Realm contains bits not only about The Pretender but other shows as well. You can even download music from the show to make your own soundtrack! I borrowed a couple of pics from here too. Thanks!

Operation - StP devotes itself to programs and information about the future of the show on TNT. It's a great place to check for regular updates and, combined with Lois' Daily Planet, provides very complete details.

This is TNT's official page dedicated to the Pretender (NBC doesn't get a mention because they were silly enough to dump the show!) and it's a great place to start if you want to know about everything.

The Centre is a web site full of information. Take a look.

The Pretender Archive provides information for many of the characters up to and including the season two finale, Bloodlines.

Mr Raines' Hybrid Biotract is a bit of a weird site but still a lot of fun to try and navigate. You'll find info on many of the major characters here.

This site is full of links, primarily for Michael T. Weiss but also for the show itself and other characters.

This is a very detailed site, including a lot of very funny Pretender humour, episode guides with ratings, links to pages which give details for some of Jarod's discoveries and also a complex series of family trees for the major character.

Miss Parker's Sweet Rewards is a site full of sounds from the show. You can get clips from almost every episode.

Lois' Daily Planet Pretender Page is probably the most regularly updated and most informative site around. It has episode guides for all four seasons (season four is very detailed, as is some of season three) and is also the best place to go for the most up-to-date information about the future show. I borrowed a couple of pics from here too. Thanks!

This site has information on almost every facet of the show, including a great picture gallery and also has a lot of the interviews with the actors associated with the show. I borrowed some of my pictures from here. Thanks!

The Centre Data Annex is one of the most visually incredible sites on the web. Download the required program, turn up the volume and stand back!


Official Actors' Websites

The Patrick Bauchau Official Website also provides information about the career of the man who plays Sydney. You can even request a signed photo.

The Jon Gries Official Website provides a lot of information about the man who plays Broots. You can also see photos of episodes and Broots' quotes here.

Jamie's Place, maintained by Lois, provides all of the information on Jamie Denton, who plays Mr Lyle.

Fan Fic

Here you can find more than 1500 stories written by eager fans on a site that is constantly updated and maintained by Nicolette.

Virtual Season

On this site you can read the ideas which other people have come up with for 'new' Pretender episodes. Beginning in September.

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