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Search here for places mentioned in The Pretender. Some places will not have an entry, so it is advisable to check the dictionary first.


Name: Centre, The

Location: 431 Mountain Spring Rd, Blue Cove, Delaware 07991


A pseudo-psychogenic 'think-tank', the Centre was originally an altruistic facility, which could lay claim to many positive actions, from helping smaller countries to achieve independence to supposedly designing the Popemobile. At some point in its history, the Centre decided that there was more work, and probably more money, in the negative aspects of society and, since them, has exploited its considerable assets for everything they're worth. It works with many other groups, including NuGenesis, and many political organisations, such as the Japanese Yakuza.


It developed the scheme known as the Pretender Project and has, since, used private funding as well as government and military grants to create projects and sell them off to the higest bidder. The Centre consists of several above-ground levels and twenty-seven sub-levels which necessitated the removal of 6.2 million cubic feet of dirt.


The leading decision-makers in the Centre are apparently made up of different factions within the Centre, with Mr Parker and Mr Raines seemingly once in a different faction from Mr Lyle, although that situation appears to have changed since Mr Lyle was revealed to be Mr Parker's son and was brought back to the Centre in this position. It is difficult to tell who is really in charge of both this group and the Centre. The Centre also has a Director, who was once revealed to be a black female, and who appears to act as go-between for the high-up power-brokers and the other employees. There is a group who refer to themselves as The Tower and seem to be made up of Board Members. The final decision-makes, however, seem to be a group called the Triumvirate, who have control over both the Tower and the Director. All members of the Tower, as well as all other Centre employees, appear to be answerable to the Triumvirate. From comments made, it is reasonable to assume that all employees must report details of their activities to a higher authority, presumably the Triumvirate. An example of this can be seen in the second-season episode, 'Stolen', when Sydney comments that "That's how my report is going to read." As this comment was directed at Raines, who seems to be working at Tower level, one can assume that the Triumvirate will receive such reports.


The only levels on which activities have been identified are SL-2, where Sydney performs some of his experiments, SL-5 which contains the Tech Room, SL-14 which houses the chemical labs and the infirmary, SL-25 where Raines was locked up and shot and SL-27 where Raines conducted some of his experiments


Name: NuGenesis

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Events: Originally started by Nicholas and Boris Haring in the 1950's, this was originally an adoptive agency which has since moved into the realm of reproductive studies. The Centre teamed up with NuGenesis to find subjects for the Prodigy Project, beginning a series of abductions and experiments. After the death of Dr Boris Haring, such activity ceased for a time, until Dr DeWitt reinstigated the connections with the Centre and prompted the renewal of Project Prodigy.

Connection with the Centre:

A fertility clinic which has been running in association with the Centre and provides much of its information regarding potential subjects based on genetic evidence.


Name: Angel Manor

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Events: Davy Simpkins was brought here, as was Angelo (Timmy)

Connection with the Centre: A Centre safe-house used by the Centre to protect those people they have kidnapped or are protecting


Name: Dragon House, The

Location: Delphi Shores, New Jersey

Events: Kyle was often brought here by Raines as a child and later brought Harriet Tashman there after his successful attempt to kidnap her.

Connection with the Centre: A Centre safe-house used by the Centre to protect those people they have kidnapped or are protecting


Name: Oakview Lodge

Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Events: Place where Margaret and Charles stayed for approximately six months, while trying to conceive at NuGenesis. It is currently being looked after by Lewis

Connection with the Centre: Possible second-hand connection through NuGenesis


Name: St Catherine's Children Centre

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Events: Jarod visited this place during the first Christmas after his escape and volunteered at the Children's Centre, donating a large Christmas tree and presents to the children as well as reading "The Night Before Christmas" to them.

Connection with the Centre: None


Name: Hillman Marine

Location: Connecticut

Events: Warehouse facility in which information is stored. Mr Lyle attempted to use this facility to decode a chip he had previously stolen.

Connection with the Centre: Used by the Centre to 'dump' all of their information by a mass back-up from every Centre mainframe in the country


Name: LaGrange Airstrip

Location: Virgina

Events: An unmarked air-strip that Jarod used for easy access to information he wanted in Washington DC

Connection with the Centre: Owned and maintained by the Centre


Name: St Catherine of the Hills Seminary

Location: Route 1 Hillshire Meadows, Massachussettes

Events: Catherine Jamieson and Harriet Tashman studied here to become nuns, before Catherine left to marry Mr Parker. Harriet, having left the order after realising that she wasn't suited to it, returned here after Kyle threatened her and he succeeded in kidnapping her from here before taking her to the Dragon House. Harriet also used this place (in some way) to set up the unsuccessful rendevous between Jarod and his family.

Connection with the Centre: None


Name: Ben Miller's Bed and Breakfast

Location: Lake Catherine, Maine

Events: Catherine Parker came and stayed here with Ben every year around April for several weeks. Catherine's room remained untouched for almost thirty years.

Connection with the Centre: None


Name: Centre Biodome

Location: 28 Eastern Grid, Baltimore, Maryland

Events: Place where Sydney and Mr Parker discussed the right which Sydney felt he had to be involved with Gemini

Connection with the Centre: Nothing explained


Name: St Catherine's Hopsital

Location: Oakpoint, Maryland

Events: place to which Miss Parker was taken after she was shot in Donoterase

Connection with the Centre: None


Name: Redemption House

Location: Harlem, New York

Events: Place where Edna Raines died

Connection with the Centre: One of Catherine Parker's favourite charities


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