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The Pretender Information Page


"And I'm a million different people from one day to the next..."

The Verve, 'Bittersweet Symphony'


This site is a work in progress and not everything is up yet. Please come back and check from time to time - I'm sure you'll see the changes!


Update 18th August 2000: I've redesigned the web page and also added bits and pieces here and there, so make sure you check. Thanks to all the people who suggested improvements and additions! Also, I've now got a Guest Book! Please go to the bottom of the page and sign it!







 On this site, you will be able to search for information on many aspects of (what was) one of the best shows on television. Over four seasons, a lot has been divulged and much of it can be found here. Want to know the name of the bomb used in the season four season premiere, or maybe Miss Parker's address? Can't quite remember the last name of that character from a certain episode? It's here. Happy hunting!


If you can think of something I don't have or you can't find something that you expected to, email me and let me know about it. Then I can add it so that others can find the information later.


Warning: This site contains what many people would consider to be spoilers!! If this sort of thing is a problem for you (especially if you live outside of the United States - as I do) then please be aware that you have been warned!


Thanks to Saengerin, who saved my life with this home page! Interested in Star Trek, Sea Change (it's an Aussie thing!), or maybe Law and Order? Then go and visit her site!


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