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Pretender Dictionary S-Z

This site is a work in progress and not everything is up yet. Please come back and check from time to time - I'm sure you'll see the changes!

As this dictionary is so big, I've broken it down into three lots. This is the third. A legend will help you to understand the organisation of the dictionary.




Saddest Little Valentine, The - romance novel written by Jarod Heart (Gigolo Jarod)

Safecracker (R.H. Cross) - Jarod's occupation in Scott Free

Sam - see biography, Sweepers and Cleaners

Sapphire Gin - Jarod's discovery in A Stand Up Guy

SAR (search and rescue) volunteer - see Ex-Green Beret/SAR volunteer

SAR, Urban (Shatner) - Jarod's occupation in Over The Edge

Sauce, Chilli Pepper - see Chilli Pepper Sauce

Saunders, Captain - character in Survival

Sealy - character in Survival

Secret Service Agent (behavioural scientist) (Wilkes) - Jarod's occupation in Cold Dick

School Daze - season four episode sixteen (04/22/9000)

Scientist, Nuclear - see Nuclear Scientist

Scott Free - season two episode two (11/08/97)

Scott Rion - see Rion, Scott

Sculpting - Jarod's discovery in Nip and Tuck

Sculptor - Jarod's occupation in Nip and Tuck

Security, Head of - see Head of Security

Sex Therapist (Kinsey) - Jarod's occupation in Risque Business

Sexual Intercourse - Jarod's discovery in Ranger Jarod

Shafton, Dr - see biography

Shatner - Jarod's alias in Over The Edge

She-Hulk - Jarod's discovery in Over The Edge

Sherpa on Mt Everest - occupation of Jarod's in season one (Ranger Jarod)

Shooting, Target - see Target Shooting

Short - alias used by Jarod season one

Silence - season two episode sixteen (04/04/98)

Silence, Project - see Project Silence

Silly Putty - Jarod's discovery in Flyer

SIM - short for simulations or projects that Jarod and other subjects carried out, recorded on DSAs

Simpkins, Davy - see biography

Sign Language, American - discovery by Jarod in season one (Flyer)

Skinny Dipping - Jarod's discovery in Road Trip

Skydiving Instructor (Cochrane) - Jarod's occupation in Mirage

Skyvionics - company for which Jarod worked in Flyer

SL - Sub-level [see Places: The Centre]

SL-2 - Sydney's experimental laboratory

SL-5 - location of Tech Room

SL-14 - location of chemical labs and infirmary

SL-25 - location where Raines was locked up

SL-27 - location of Raines most infamous experiments

Slang - see Bad Mob Slang

Slinky Toys - Jarod's discovery in Prison Story

Sloane, Mr - character in The Paper Clock

Sloane and Associates - company for which Jarod works in The Paper Clock

Slocum, Buddy Jnr - Jarod's alias in Mirage

Smokey The Bear - Jarod's discovery in Ranger Jarod

Sno-Ball Cakes - see Hostess Sno-Ball Cakes

Snowglobe - given as a present to Jarod by Sydney and given by Sydney to Jacob

Someone To Trust - season three episode four (11/07/98)

Sonny Herbert - see Herbert, Sonny

Soup, Cup O'/Instant - see Cup O'Soup/Instant Soup

Soup, Homemade - see Homemade SoupGHerHe

SPAM - Jarod's discovery in Unhappy Landings

Special Agent - see ATF Special Agent

Spiderman - Jarod's discovery in Over The Edge

Spin Doctor - season four episode ten (02/05/2000)

Spitz - last name used by Jarod season one (Pilot)

Spock, Dr - Jarod's alias in Bloodlines

St Catherine's Children Centre - see Places

St Catherine of the Hills - see Places

St James - alias used by Jarod season one

St Valentine's Day - Jarod's discovery in Gigolo Jarod

Stained glass images - Jarod's discovery in Wake Up

Stamatis, Michelle - see biography

Stand Up Guy, A - season two episode thirteen (03/14/98)

Star Wars - Jarod's discovery in Ranger Jarod

Starr - Jarod's alias in To Serve and Protect

State Trooper (Raines) - Jarod's occupation in Crazy

Stereographic (3D) Pictures - Jarod's discovery in Flyer (which he claims to have unofficially invented)

Steve Hanlon - see Hanlon, Steve

Stevens - Jarod's alias in Survival

Strip joints - Jarod's discovery in Parole

Stockbroker - Jarod's occupation in Pilot

Stolen - season two episode eighteen (05/02/98)

Stunt Co-ordinator (Lugosi) - Jarod's occupation in FX

Surgeon, Plastic - see Plastic Surgeon

Surgeon, Thoracic - see Thoracic Surgeon

Surgeon, Triage - see Triage Surgeon

Survival - season four episode two (10/02/99)

Susan Granger - see Granger, Susan

SWAT officer - Jarod's occupation in Bulletproof

Sweepers - Centre operatives designed to seek/destroy targets given to them by the Centre. Also defend and protect other Centre operatives

Swimming - Jarod's discovery in Every Picture Tells A Story

Swindell, Karen - character in To Serve and Protect

Sydney, Dr - see biography

Symphony Orchestra Conductor - Jarod's occupation in Flyer



Tail Fin Bar - place mentioned in Flyer

Talkback Radio - discovered by Jarod in season three ((The) Powers That Be)

Tally - Jarod's alias in Ties That Bind

Tamara Copeland - see Copeland, Tamara

Tanaka, Tommy - see biography

Target Shooting - Jarod's discovery in season one (To Serve and Protect)

Tashman, Harriet - see biography

Tashman Farm - see Harriet Tashman's biography

Tasty Surprise - type of double-dipped ice-cream with granola sprinkles (Angel's Flight)

Tattoos - Jarod's discovery in Parole

Teacher (Brody) - Jarod's occupation in School Daze

Teacher, High School Biology - occupation of Jarod's in season one (A Virus Among Us)

Teacher, Primary (Kotter) - Jarod's occupation in Bloodlines

Test Pilot (Wright) - Jarod's occupation in Flyer

The Saddest Little Valentine - see Saddest Little Valentine, The

Three Dimensional (3D) Puzzles - Jarod's discovery in Stolen

Tike - standard of Jarod's swimming ability when he began taking lessons in season one (Every Picture Tells A Story)

Timmy - alternate name for Angelo [see Angelo's biography]

(The) Assassin - see Assassin (The)

The Blues - see Blues, The

(The) Dragon House - see Dragon House, The

The Flying Dutchman - see Flying Dutchman, The

The Lottery - see Lottery, The

The Magic Flute - see Magic Flute, The

The Night Before Christmas - see Night Before Christmas, The

(The) Paper Clock - season one episode five (11/02/96)

The Pope - see Pope, The

(The) Powers That Be - see Powers That Be (The)

The Three Stooges - see Three Stooges, The

The Tooth Fairy - see Tooth Fairy, The

The Triumvirate - see Triumvirate, The

The Wizard of Oz - see Wizard of Oz, The

The World Is Changing - season four episode one (09/25/99)

Theories, Conspiracy - see Conspiracy Theories

Thief (Abraham) - Jarod's occupation in Meltdown

Thomas Michael Gates (dec.) - see Gates, Thomas Michale

Thomas Miller, Benjamin - see Miller, Benjamin Thomas

Thoracic Surgeon (Russell) - Jarod's occupation in Pilot

Three Stooges, The - Jarod's discovery in Ranger Jarod

Ties That Bind - season three episode seventeen (04/10/99)

Till Death Do Us Part - season four episode nine (01/15/2000)

Timmy - see Angelo

Timson, Agent - character in The World Is Changing

To Serve and Protect - season one episode six (11/09/96)

Tom King - see King, Tom

Tom Matthews - see Matthews, Tom

Tommy Tanaka - see Tanaka, Tommy

Tooth Fairy, The - Jarod's discovery in Rules of Engagement

Toxic Waste Disposal Expert (Dupont) - Jarod's occupation in Hazards

Toy Surprise - season two episode twelve (03/07/98)

Toys, Bath - see Bath Toys

Toys, Novelty - see Novelty Toys

Tracking device - see 'Radio Shack'

Transvestites - Jarod's discovery in (The) Paper Clock

Treasury Agent - Jarod's occupation in Ties That Bind

Triage Surgeon - occupation of Jarod's in Over The Edge

Trick or Treating - see Halloween

Triumvirate, The - see biography

Truck Driver - Jarod's occupation in Amnesia

Turgidson - Jarod's alias in The Powers That Be

Twinkies - Jarod's discovery in Hazards

Twin - subjects of many of Sydney's experiments; relationship of Miss Parker and Mr Lyle



Under The Reds - season one episode sixteen (03/22/97)

Unhappy Landings - season one episode eighteen (04/26/97)

Unsinkable - season three episode twelve (02/13/99)

Urban SAR - see SAR, Urban

US Marsall - Jarod's occupation in Unhappy Landings (Cody); Corn Man (Wilson)



Vacations - Jarod's discovery in Inner Sense

Valentine's Day - see St Valentine's Day

Ventner - alias used by Jarod season one

Videography - Jarod's discovery in Jaroldo!

Virgin Mary drinks - Jarod's discovery in Flyer

Virologist (Riley) - Jarod's occupation in A Virus Among Us

Virus Among Us, A - season one episode seven (11/16/96)

Vortexes, Heat - see Heat Vortexes

Vronski - last name used by Jarod season one



Wake Up - season three episode eighteen (05/01/99)

Walking on hot coals - Jarod's discovery in Extreme

Watermelon - Jarod's discovery in Over The Edge

Watts - Jarod's alias in The World Is Changing

Waxman - Jarod's alias in Angel's Flight

Weatherman in Puerto Rico - occupation of Jarod's in season one (Keys)

Wheel of Fortune - Jarod's discovery in Pilot

Wheel-O Toy - Jarod's discovery in Scott Free

White, Mr - see biography

Whittaker, Marcus - cause of Jarod's pretend in The Paper Clock

Wild Child - season four episode seven (12/11/99)

Wildlife Officer - see National Federal Wildlife Officer

Wilkes - Jarod's alias in Spin Doctor

Will, Carl - subject of Jarod's pretend in Prison Story

Will, Jessica - character in Prison Story

William Raines - see Raines, Mr (Dr) William

Willie (sweeper) - see biography Sweepers and Cleaners

Wilson - Jarod's alias in Corn Man

Winkerdale - Jarod's alias in Extreme

Wiseguy (The Pope) - Jarod's occupation in Unsinkable

Wizard of Oz, The - discovered by Jarod in season four (Road Trip)

Wolchek, Inspector - character in The World Is Changing

Woods - last name used by Jarod season one

World Is Changing, The - see The World Is Changing

Wright - Jarod's alias in Flyer





YMCA - Jarod's discover in Every Picture Tells A Story



Zimmerman, John - character in The Better Part of Valor

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